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The Ritual Herbals

Amethyst Botanical Body & Bath Oil Organic Crystal Lavender

Amethyst Botanical Body & Bath Oil Organic Crystal Lavender

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About this product: Calming & tranquil body and bath oil is a synergetic blend of organic lavender oil, amethyst crystals and high vibrational energy to calm the body system, cleanse aura, offer peace that connects us to the higher mind and gives psychic protection.


Amethyst is known for spiritual protection, tranquility and opening the third eye and crown Chakra. Using this crystal helps create balance within our own energies to inspire the life force, universal divinity, wisdom, peace and enlightenment. With an Aromatic blend of Lavender and Crystal energy, this blend offers a peaceful, relaxing vibration that connects and opens energies to divine guidance.


Hand crafted one at a time, infused with 528hz crystal solfeggio tones. Crafted with organic coconut oil base, lavender and amethyst crystals. Made with love and intention


”I am insightful, I am intuitive, as my connection to universal wisdom guides me daily to access higher knowledge “

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